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About the Videos: LIVE Online Math videos provide outstanding instructional quality as well as interactivity.  A humorous teaching style is utilized which helps to keep students engaged in the learning.  Emphasis is placed on why math works, not just how to do problems and many videos show how math is applicable in the real world. Check out the video samples to get a feel for the instructional style and see some video features in action.
About the LIVE Sessions: The weekly LIVE sessions are perfect for asking questions and checking-in with the learning from the previous week.  At the end of the session, students are informed about what they are to complete by the next session and they're on their way!  If you
are unfamiliar with the real-time online environment, please see what a LIVE session is like
Video-based instruction allows for increased
schedule flexibility
Complete program (videos, tests, quizzes,
answer keys are all included in the price)
LIVE session interaction with a teacher and other students deepens conceptual understanding
Video-Plus Courses:  The perfect combination of LIVE and video-based learning!
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Excellent balance of flexibility and structure/accountability
Interactive videos and excellent instructional quality
Work shown on ALL assignment and test answer keys
Weekly class session perfectly complements video learning
Video-Plus Courses have gone bookless!
Tests/quizzes corrected by the
teacher or the My Classes System
One LIVE session each week provides program
structure and accountability
New customers can sign up for a 2-week trial period in which to try out a course with no obligations during that time.  After the trial period, a full semestral commitment is required in order to continue.
How It Works: Video-Plus courses provide a unique educational option that blends video-based and LIVE
session learning.  Students watch videos and complete lesson requirements on a weekly basis on their own schedule.  They also attend a weekly LIVE session to complement their learning through getting help from the teacher and interacting with other students.
See a detailed comparison of the LIVE Online Math programs:
Classes, Video-Plus Courses, and Video Courses.
We used to struggle with
completing our previous
math program by the end of the year, and often had to work into summer. The Video-Plus course has
solved that issue by helping
us to stay on schedule. We
love that our daughter can
review concepts on the
videos over and over until
she truly understands the
material. I've recommended
this program to all my
homeschooling friends!
~ Theresa in California
Full access to the Infinite Math™
practice system
Fill-in-the-blank notes templates provided (Sample)