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Attend workshops at home
Students can talk with the teacher and each other in real-time
Uses interactive whiteboard
Recorded sessions for absences or review
U.S.-based teachers
Work in small groups with other students to enhance learning
Low student/teacher ratio
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Workshops are small, "bite-sized" classes that cover specific content in math (i.e. "negative numbers", "graphping ellipses", "the Pythagorean Theorem", etc.). Several important features are shown below.
Workshops can be any number of sessions, but usually are 1-5 sessions long. Each session is usually 1 hr.
The price is dependent on the type of material being covered, as well as the duration of the workshop. Workshops must be paid for before the start of the first session.
Workshops are perfect for students who need help with a particular concept in math. Workshops are also ideal for co-ops looking for help teaching math. Of course, all sessions are LIVE as described on the Home page.
Affordable pricing
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Being able to interact with
the teacher and other kids
during the session made
this a fun experience for my
daughter. The concepts
that were covered in the
workshop she attended
provided an excellent
review for her. I wish we had
done it earlier in the year!
~ Marsha in South Carolina