Keep your student's skills sharp and their minds engaged over the summer!
LIVE Online Math summer programs combine LIVE session interaction with
outside of session learning experiences.
This review of 39 studies conducted by researchers from the University of
Missouri and Tennessee State University found that educational losses due
to summer break equaled about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale.
Schedule conflict?  No problem!  All sessions are recorded and will be available to registered students.  Also, feel free to suggest a program.  We're always looking for new and creative ideas!
Important: Summer Programs require a minimum of five registered students.
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LIVE Online Math 2017 Summer Programs
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Condensed Algebra...
Condensed Pre-Algebra...
When Am I Ever Going to Use This?...
Fractions Refresher...
Making "Math Art"...
Statistically Speaking...
Condensed Pre-Pre-Algebra...
Compound Interest...
  • Description: Compound interest is very interesting and it plays a vital role in the world of finance. Students will explore where the compound interest formula came from, then use it in a variety of contexts. They will also see the "growth upon growth" effect that compound interest produces. Finally, they will use an interactive website to plan their retirement using compound interest.
  • Background Experience: Students should have experience with the Distributive Property, exponents, and working with percents. They should also know what interest is.
  • Level: Generally Pre-Algebra and up, but a younger student could still participate if they were interested
  • Number of Sessions: 2
  • Schedule: August 1-2 (Tue. & Wed.) @ 9:00-10:00am PT / Noon-1:00pm ET
  • Instructor: Michelle Williams
  • Price: $15.00 (only $11.25 when using the Bring a Friend promotion!)
  • Registration: Register Now!
Infinite Math Over the Summer...