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Check out some of the video snippets below to get a feel for the instructional style and see why LIVE Online Math Video Courses are the right choice.
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~ Joanne in California
Video Tour of a Video (1:41)
Summary of what the videos are like.
Engaging and Interactive (1:44)
An example of the instructional style.
Real Life Application (0:48)
When will I ever use this? Let's see!
Keeping Interest Through Humor (1:27)
Learning is no fun if you can't laugh, right?
Visually Appealing Instruction (0:43)
Images/animations keep students engaged.
Explaining the Why's of Math (1:57)
Knowing why is as essential as knowing how.
Note: Once registered for the course, students can select a larger or smaller video player size to better accomodate their monitor resolution. These videos are only set for one size.
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This course has given me
the structure I needed for my
daughter's math education.
She really enjoys learning
from the videos. There are
even hands-on activities that
she loves, and the real-life
applications make math
come alive. I'm truly amazed
at how much math she has
learned this year!