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Pre-Pre-Algebra is usually taken by 6th or 7th graders depending
on their ability level.

Transitioning from a different program? No problem!
Concepts are introduced without assuming much prior knowledge.

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Price: $125.00 / semester
Description: The intent of this class is to build up students' basic skills, knowledge base, and confidence in math with an eye toward preparation for higher level math classes. This class focuses on basic skills in number sense, algebraic thinking, and geometry. Working with fractions, decimals, and percents is a major portion of the course. Problem solving is also emphasized to encourage higher order thinking skills.
We used to struggle with
completing our previous
math program by the end of the year, and often had to work into summer. The Video-Plus course has
solved that issue by helping
us to stay on schedule. We
love that our daughter can
review concepts on the
videos over and over until
she truly understands the
material. I've recommended
this program to all my
homeschooling friends!
~ Theresa in California
Teacher: Rebekah Meece
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