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So, are you ready to try it out?  New customers are welcome to a FREE 1/2 hr. tutoring session!
Sometimes students need that extra little bit of 1-on-1 help to truly "get it". Oftentimes, the confidence boost that comes with understanding and success is invaluable.  LIVE Online Math uses audio, webcam, and an interactive whiteboard to create an outstanding tutoring experience. 
Tutoring can be virtually anything for virtually anyone.
Attend tutoring sessions at home
Students can see and talk with the tutor in real-time
Uses interactive whiteboard
Sessions can be recorded
U.S.-based tutors
Able to bring images, .pdfs and other documents into the session
Session comments from tutor emailed after every session
Rapport is quickly established
by working with the same tutor
Can be used as a personalized
learning program
Flexible and affordable purchasing options (only pay for what you use)
Tutoring time doesn’t expire
(like rollover minutes)
Flexible scheduling
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My son sometimes gets
totally confused by his
teacher in school and the
tutor has patiently taken
time to explain how and
why things in mathematics
work the way they do. It's
nice to see my son smile after a session and he
stores up questions to ask
next time.
~ Mandy in Dublin, Ireland
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Tutoring time can be purchased in various increments.  Simply
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LIVE Online Math has very competitive rates.  Tutoring can be as low as $24/hr.; an inexpensive alternative compared with other tutoring options.  Also, buying larger amounts of tutoring time at once saves you money!  Check out our current tutoring rates.
Tutoring Rates...
 1 - 2 hrs.:  $30/hr.   3 - 4 hrs.:  $27/hr.   5 - 6 or more hrs.:  $24/hr. 
"I can't think of a downside of this program.  Our tutor was personable and knowledgeable, and he easily worked with a wide range of abilities and communicated well with me as the mom. There may be a negative somewhere, but in our experience it seems close to perfect. The flexibility in scheduling and skill level is especially appealing, as is the fact that this company has experience with and appreciates homeschoolers."
~ Carrie Wilbur, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
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