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Not all instructional videos are created equally.  Is the instructor knowledgeable?  Is the instruction boring?  Does the video just talk at the student, or does it involve the student in the learning? 
LIVE Online Math videos incorporate top of the line instructional quality, interactivity, and an engaging teaching style.  Emphasis is placed on why math works, not just how to do problems.  Many videos also have a "Real-Life Application" segment that connects students' learning to situations that exist in the real world.  Be sure to check out the video samples to get a feel for the instructional style and see some of the features in action.
Self-paced learning on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
Program can be complemented by tutoring time (see below)
Complete program (videos, tests, quizzes, answer keys, etc. are all included in the price)
High quality, interactive videos
Finally... a math program that just works!
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This course has given me
the structure I needed for my
daughter's math education.
She really enjoys learning
from the videos. There are
even hands-on activities that
she loves, and the real-life
applications make math
come alive. I'm truly amazed
at how much math she has
learned this year!
~ Joanne in California
Tutoring time can be added for extra help as needed.
12 months of course access
Interactive videos and excellent instructional quality
Work shown on ALL assignment and test answer keys
No book needed here. Video Courses are now bookless!
Track student progress with the
interactive online gradebook.
Tests, quizzes, and answer keys included at no additional charge
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Complete Course
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Parental control system allows you to unlock future units and lessons all at once, or as you go
See a detailed comparison of the LIVE Online Math programs:
Classes, Video-Plus Courses, and Video Courses.
Full access to the Infinite Math™
practice system
Recorded Sessions Version of Geometry and Algebra II
About the Recorded Sessions Version
Fill-in-the-blank notes templates provided (Sample)
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